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Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a fantastic way to add length, volume and/or colour to any style.  There is a method for all hair types and client requirements.  With the correct installation and aftercare, your extensions will last without causing damage to your natural hair.


- Kertatin Bonds; A strand by strand method that, with the correct aftercare, can last 4-6 months depending on natural hair growth rate.  They are applied with gentle heat and use a protein based adhesive to form a strong bond.  In my opinion these are the most discreet and provides a very blended and seamless result.

-Micro/Nano Rings/Links; Another brilliant strand by strand method.  Small metal silicone lined beads are used for extra grip and damage prevention to the natural hair.  This a great method for those clients that do not wish to have bonded hair extensions.  With the correct aftercare these extensions can be reused with regular maintenance required every 8-12 weeks.

-Weaves;  Brilliant for adding lots of volume without the use of heat.  Weaves can be installed in 2 ways;  Sewn in method which will require repositioning every 6-8 weeks, or Micro link method which will require repositioning every 4-6 weeks.  With the correct aftercare these extensions will be reusable for a period of time depending on the grade of hair purchased.

- Tapes; This method sits very flat to the head, is very discreet and blends very well, especially if the invisible tapes are used.  this is a glue in method and will require regular maintenance appointments, 6-8 weeks, with the correct aftercare.

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